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image annotation for machine learning and artificial intelligence
by Husna Sayedi 19 Apr 2021
Visual data plays an integral part in our society and technology today. A massive amount of images are processed daily, from using facial recognition to unlock your mobile phone to detecting lane ..
by Paola Valli 30 Nov 2015
The TAUS Annual Conference in Silicon Valley opened with a panel discussion about innovation led by ..
Translation Evolution Timetable
by Jaap van der Meer 30 Nov 2015
The world can be overwhelming, so it’s tempting to try to make it smaller, more controllable. It’s ..
by Nick Lambson 17 Nov 2015
The translation industry is growing, but not fast enough! The amount of content published every day ..
by Attila Görög 3 Nov 2015
A short impression of the 7th TAUS QE Summit held October, 2015 at eBay (San Jose, California).