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image annotation for machine learning and artificial intelligence
by Husna Sayedi 19 Apr 2021
Visual data plays an integral part in our society and technology today. A massive amount of images are processed daily, from using facial recognition to unlock your mobile phone to detecting lane ..
Industry Leaders Forum Dublin
by Paul Mangell 24 May 2016
Within translation/localization we’re all looking to ensure that the quality of the deliverable ..
by Ingemar Strandvik 23 May 2016
Globalization and new technology have not left the translation services of the EU institutions ..
by Isabella Massardo 17 May 2016
Can translation service providers and technology providers meet translation buyers’ requests? How ..
Dublin ILF
by Adam LaMontagne 10 May 2016
In a recent NPR news piece Uber Plans To Kill Surge Pricing, Though Drivers Say It Makes Job Worth ..
QE Summit Dublin
by Ruben de la Fuente 9 May 2016
I was recently involved in a project to clean up TM pollution, where the target included a lot of ..
TAUS Executive Forum Beijing 2016
by Jaap van der Meer 4 May 2016
The question is: are we all on the same evolutionary path? Or do some of us take different turns, ..