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Şölen Aslan Thursday, 18 January 2018 in Nunc est Tempus

How Translators Become Storytellers: Ins and Outs of the Boutique

This article is inspired by the Boutique Conversation held at the TAUS Annual Conference 2017, featuring the panelists Rachel Soulages (Google), Paul Mangell (Alpha), Salvo Giammarresi (PayPal), Christian Arno (Lingo24) and Christopher Dell (

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Andrew Joscelyne Tuesday, 09 January 2018 in Translation Innovation, in Translation '22

Now is the Right Time to read our Nunc est Tempus Book!

TAUS is starting the new year with something special - a new eBook! We warmly invite you to download and read Nunc est Tempus, activate your (biological!) neural networks, and join the conversation about the future of the industry.

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