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image annotation for machine learning and artificial intelligence
by Husna Sayedi 19 Apr 2021
Visual data plays an integral part in our society and technology today. A massive amount of images are processed daily, from using facial recognition to unlock your mobile phone to detecting lane ..
Untitled-Project (79)
by Andrew Joscelyne 28 Feb 2019
TAUS spoke to two well-established European MT service companies about their experience. Gabor ..
by Simona Beccaletto 13 Feb 2019
Thanks to the exponential growth of neural machine translation in the last couple of years, ..
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by Anne-Maj van der Meer 11 Feb 2019
We all want to meet our colleagues, clients and vendors and discuss the current challenges and ..
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by Jaap van der Meer 7 Feb 2019
It happens rarely: the moment you wake up to a new world. Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime. For ..