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image annotation for machine learning and artificial intelligence
by Husna Sayedi 19 Apr 2021
Visual data plays an integral part in our society and technology today. A massive amount of images are processed daily, from using facial recognition to unlock your mobile phone to detecting lane ..
Translation-Economics (1)
by Jaap van der Meer 28 Nov 2019
World-Readiness is the ultimate measurement of success in globalization and localization business. ..
by Jaime Punishill 18 Nov 2019
The arrival of November marks the two-year anniversary of my time in the localization business. And ..
by Şölen Aslan 13 Nov 2019
  How well did you do? BBC Newsbeat recently challenged six language students aged 18-29 to ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 1 Nov 2019
We’re entering a digital ‘translate’ era in which people and machines are learning to cooperate ..