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Şölen Aslan Şölen is the Head of Digital Marketing at TAUS where she leads digital growth strategies with a focus on generating compelling results via search engine optimization, effective inbound content and social media with over six years of experience in related fields. She holds BAs in Translation Studies and Brand Communication from Istanbul University in addition to an MA in European Studies: Identity and Integration from the University of Amsterdam. After gaining experience as a transcreator for marketing content, she worked in business development for a mobile app and content marketing before joining TAUS in 2017. She believes in keeping up with the modern digital trends and the power of engaging content. She also writes regularly for the TAUS Blog/Reports and manages several social media accounts she created on topics of personal interest with over 100K followers.
by Şölen Aslan 10 Feb 2020
Amsterdam, 10 February 2020 - TAUS, a pioneer in the language data space, and Baker McKenzie, the ..
by Şölen Aslan 13 Nov 2019
  How well did you do? BBC Newsbeat recently challenged six language students aged 18-29 to ..
by Şölen Aslan 30 Sep 2019
30 September is being celebrated every year as International Translation Day since 24 May 2017 when ..
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by Şölen Aslan 18 Sep 2019
On 11 July 2019, Google’s AI team has published their recent research titled Massively Multilingual ..
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by Şölen Aslan 4 Jun 2019
Amsterdam, June 4, 2019 - On 27 May 2019, TAUS published the Transcreation Best Practices and ..
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by Şölen Aslan 14 Jan 2019
Amsterdam, January 14, 2019 - TAUS publishes the first DQF Business Intelligence Bulletin for the ..
by Şölen Aslan 22 Nov 2018
For vocabulary fanatics like myself, last week was an exciting time, as the Oxford Dictionaries ..
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by Şölen Aslan 1 Nov 2018
The TAUS Data Summit 2018 hosted by Amazon in Seattle, brought owners and producers of language ..
by Şölen Aslan 27 Sep 2018
As also pointed out in the TAUS Translators in the Algorithmic Age Report, the search for a better ..
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by Şölen Aslan 20 Sep 2018
Do you ever visit the kiosks at the shopping mall? Did you ever go kayaking? Do you eat yogurt? If ..
by Şölen Aslan 17 May 2018
Discussions around how the robots will take over and human interaction will be replaced by bot ..
by Şölen Aslan 18 Jan 2018
This article is inspired by the Boutique Conversation held at the TAUS Annual Conference 2017, ..