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Andrew Joscelyne Long-time European language technology journalist, consultant, analyst and adviser.
by Andrew Joscelyne 4 Jan 2021
Much of the tech stack in today’s translation activity will be irrigated by AI. This means using ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 18 Nov 2020
TAUS has just published a new report on the role of language data in the AI paradigm – LD4AI. This ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Aug 2020
In this data age, we can personalize the provision of information because we are rapidly learning ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Jun 2020
We look back on the corona crisis of well over a year ago and happily conclude that it was not as ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 20 May 2020
This is the worst-case scenario. Unemployment rates in the USA exceed 35%, and all western ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 8 May 2020
The language technology innovator and service provider Tilde has developed considerable expertise ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 6 Mar 2020
How should the translation industry engage with the current conversation about ethical concerns in ..
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by Andrew Joscelyne 9 Dec 2019
Maybe it’s time for secondary school students to learn more about what machine translation is all ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 1 Nov 2019
We’re entering a digital ‘translate’ era in which people and machines are learning to cooperate ..
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by Andrew Joscelyne 11 Oct 2019
Here’s a suggestion: we should adopt a new usage of the existing English lexeme “translate” as a ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 22 Aug 2019
Francis Tsang is Head of International Engineering at LinkedIn, crowning a long career in software ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 12 Jun 2019
Daniel Marcu is an Applied Science Director at Amazon, as well as being a leading academic Machine ..