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Lilico Hara

Project manager & Division Director of DEPRO Co., Ltd. I studied English Literature at Doshisha Women's College and Anglistik at Hamburg University. After having worked 2 years as a bank clerk and 7 years in an American company, I started my career in localization at Depro (LSP in Tokyo). I am handling various localization projects and also providing consultation service to clients. Taking YOGA and ballet lessons every weekend.

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Lilico Hara Monday, 11 June 2018 in TAUS Events

Participant Perspective: Looking Back at TAUS Executive Forum 2018

TAUS Executive Forum in Tokyo was held in May 16-17, 2018, hosted by Oracle Japan. Most of the participants were from local language service providers, who, I suppose, are struggling and trying to find an effective way to live with neural machine translation. So, am I.

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