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William Waites

William Waites has been focusing on communications infrastructure and enabling technologies since the mid-1990s. He is a research engineer at the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics working to mine translated text from within petabytes of web data. He has recently successfully defended his PhD thesis treating applications of graph structures in anatomy and molecular biology at the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. He worked on practical architectures to address Internet access in remote parts of the Scottish Highlands winning the European Broadband Award for future-proof infrastructure. Previously, in addition to holding staff engineer positions on academic research network and private sector telecommunications operators in Canada, he pioneered audio streaming of cultural events and operated server infrastructure for the arts communities in Montreal, Toronto, and Berlin.

Efficiency, Energy Use and Sustainability in Machine Translation

As a newcomer to the Machine Translation community, I observe that there is a strong focus on competition. Research groups all strive to do better than one another, through a .. Read More

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