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Corona Datasets Used by Google, Naver Labs and University of Catalonia

Learn how the TAUS corona crisis datasets helped three distinct organizations overcome the challenge of finding sufficient, domain-specific data in a time of global crisis.

In an effort to help battle the corona crisis from a language and information access perspective, TAUS coordinated an industry collaboration effort to gather translation memories covering this domain.

The result was six datasets containing a total of 3,403,681 segments in the following language pairs: English-French, English-German, English-Spanish, English-Italian, English-Russian, and English-Chinese.

To address the information availability in the time of crisis with the help of sufficient, in-domain language data here we present 3 use cases by Google, Naver Labs and University of Catalonia. Each with their unique studies based on the TAUS Corona Datasets share their detailed results.

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Şölen Aslan

Şölen has studied Translation Studies as well as Brand Communication at Istanbul University and completed her master’s degree in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Previously, she worked at various positions as a translator, post-editor and marketing specialist. She is familiar with the translation and transcreation industry and enthusiastic about languages, cultures and communication. Currently, she is responsible for content and digital marketing activities at TAUS.