The challenge of MT training in a narrow domain can be overcome with high-quality, strictly domain-specific training data. Custom MT has observed a 19% increase in MT quality scores after training with TAUS training datasets.

TAUS provided 172.980 segments of training data in French-German language pair, in a very specific area of the broadly legal domain for Custom MT, one of the latest and leading MT services companies delivering affordable machine translation engine training, evaluation, and integration.

Using the training data provided by TAUS, Custom MT trained a domain-specific MT engine for their client. To make sure the provided datasets were the perfect fit for the specific domain they were first examined by the linguists. After the training, they used a blind test and calculated the editing distance of the output the trained engine produced. Custom MT measured a 19% increase (+7.23 BLEU points) in the output for the French-German language pair. 

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