data annotation services case study
TAUS formed a community of 200+ contributors based on their product affinity in various product categories for data annotation in several European languages for a global e-commerce corporation.

Data annotation is the categorization and labeling of data to be used in the training of AI applications. Training datasets must be carefully categorized and annotated for each specific use case. High-quality, human-powered data annotation allows companies to build and improve AI implementations which results in enhanced customer experience solutions such as product recommendations, relevant search engine results, computer vision, speech recognition, chatbots, and more.

For our client, a multinational e-commerce corporation, a community of 200+ TAUS contributors was formed based on their product affinity in various product categories, ranging from make-up and collectible coins to professional audio equipment, to annotate data in several European languages. The annotated data was to be used in training the client’s high-tech Machine Learning systems to optimize webshop functionalities such as searchability.Download Case Study


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