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Different Views on Quality at the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum 2016

Industry Leaders Forum Dublin
Description of a session on translation quality at the upcoming TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin, 2016.

Industry Leaders Forum DublinWithin translation/localization we’re all looking to ensure that the quality of the deliverable meets the expectation, in whatever way those two things are defined. Some people may believe achieving that quality is a factor that is inherent in actually doing the work, and builds around the processes. Other people may, however, think of quality as something that can be tested and evaluated after the work is done.

There is a great deal of discussion about this in our industry right now. Some people, on the other hand, may not consider quality as something that should be planned, or measured in terms of the product, but something that the market will define – if people buy it, or use it, and budgets are met or exceeded, the goal has been achieved.

Our panel at the TAUS Industry Leaders Forum in Dublin will be looking at all of this: we want to explore how quality planning allows quality to be designed into the deliverables of the project before the first task has begun. We want to consider quality assurance,  and what must be done during the actual tasks to ensure that the standards identified during quality planning are met. We’ll be touching on quality audits, a structured review of quality with an eye towards improving performance.

Another aspect is benchmarking: comparing methods or products with others of recognized quality. And then we’ll think about quality control and how it can be used to improve the quality of products or methods by focusing on such outputs as rework decisions, acceptance decisions, and adjustment of processes. Within all of this there is the question of the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework – what does it offer? How can it be improved?

Finally we’ll give our views on some things that we’re all working on within the overall ‘Quality Discussion’ – hope to see you there!

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Paul Mangell

Paul Mangell is an experienced Localization Professional having been part of the Language Industry since 1982. He has lived and worked in a number of countries, and speaks several languages fluently. He currently works in the area of marketing, sales and communications with Alpha CRC, a global LSP.