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Céline Graciet Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A Translator Reviews TAUS Post-Editing Course

The translation world is changing fast. New technologies appear all the time: neural translation, adaptive translation, rule-based translation, statistical machine translation, adaptive neural translation… it can be hard to keep up. More and more, companies are using these tools in a bid to improve productivity, but the quality of their output still needs to be checked in the old-fashioned, human way. Hence post-editing has become a specialized skill and a crucial step in the translation process. As an English to French translator who loves pretty sentences, I wasn’t sure this would be a task I would enjoy. However, when TAUS asked me to review their post-editing course, I decided it was time to find out more. It is part of the TAUS e-learning platform, which offers courses, but also lots of useful downloadable resources and forums that they’re hoping to expand.

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