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by Şölen Aslan 3 Mar 2022
The AI scene of the 2010s was shaped by breakthroughs in vision-enabled technologies, from advanced image searches to computer vision systems for medical image analysis or for detecting defective ..
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by Jaap van der Meer 14 Sep 2017
The translation industry is experiencing a most exciting time of opportunities. In my previous ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 11 Sep 2017
5 ways to optimize your conference experience Many of us go to industry events to meet new people, ..
3 Quality Matters_470x310.jpg
by Jaap van der Meer 6 Sep 2017
What is a Quality Manager in a translation company doing? Checking the quality of the translations, ..
by Toos Stoker 23 Aug 2017
Tracking Translation Productivity: Yes or No? Translation productivity tells you how fast a ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 16 Aug 2017
Captains of the Translation Industry Talk About the Single Biggest Thing They've Learnt Rory Cowan, ..
by Attila Görög 20 Jul 2017
The MT Evaluation Dilemma The translation industry is adopting machine translation (MT) in ..
game changers emblema.jpg
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 5 Jul 2017
In the age of exponential growth we currently live in, innovation is ubiquitous. Startups are ..
by Attila Görög 30 Jun 2017
TAUS recently held its 10th Quality Evaluation (QE) Summit in Barcelona, welcoming participants ..
by Attila Görög 23 Jun 2017
Why standards and metrics for objective evaluation? Different companies use different metrics which ..
3 Quality Matters_470x310.jpg
by Kirill Soloviev 23 Jun 2017
Error Typology is a venerable evaluation method for content quality that’s very common in the ..
by Attila Görög 20 Apr 2017
A summary of the TAUS DQF Manufacturing Industries Workshop hosted by John Deere  There are a few ..
TAUS Industry Summit 2017 Group Picture
by Jaap van der Meer 18 Apr 2017
On March 22-24 (2017), fifty people came together in a former clandestine church in Amsterdam to ..