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by András Aponyi 3 Jan 2022
Bilingual, NLP-driven word clouds are now available in TAUS Data Marketplace. In this article, we discuss what word clouds are and what they can tell us about the contents of a document containing ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Jun 2020
We look back on the corona crisis of well over a year ago and happily conclude that it was not as ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 20 May 2020
This is the worst-case scenario. Unemployment rates in the USA exceed 35%, and all western ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 8 May 2020
The language technology innovator and service provider Tilde has developed considerable expertise ..
by Jaap van der Meer 7 May 2020
The 2020 corona crisis has left its scars on the translation industry even though the recession ..
by Milica Panić 6 May 2020
Machine translation (MT) technology has been around for seven decades now. It is praised for its ..
by Jaap van der Meer 29 Apr 2020
The corona crisis is having a deep impact on the minds of the people who together constitute the ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 29 Apr 2020
Amsterdam, April 29, 2020 - TAUS, the language data network, announces changes in both the delivery ..
by Maxim Khalilov 28 Apr 2020
The year 2020 is set to be the most difficult for most of us in decades. While the future of the ..
by Shikha Sharma 15 Apr 2020
Machine translation systems rely on large amounts of data for training the models. Data quality ..
by Jaap van der Meer 8 Apr 2020
Four Scenarios for the Translation Industry How are we in the translation industry coping with the ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 6 Apr 2020
Amsterdam, 6 April 2020 - TAUS, the language data network, has published their new program for TAUS ..
by Jaap van der Meer 6 Apr 2020
Bit by bit, we are cracking the human language code. It’s happening fast and it marks a new ..