TAUS Data Management Course is now available for anyone interested to gain knowledge about language data processing for AI applications.

Amsterdam, 11 November 2021- TAUS launches a new course on their eLearning Platform on language data management. The course gives a comprehensive overview of the language data for the AI sector. It comprises five modules covering extensively various language data for AI applications and language data services, the language data market and pricing, data bias, and ethics, as well as privacy and copyright concerns.

“This new course is quite interdisciplinary as it includes technical chapters on NLP services, historical details on the changing language and translation industry as well as judicial information on copyright and provenance in data”, says Anne-Maj van der Meer, Training & Events Director at TAUS. “For the chapters on NLP and AI Applications and language data services, we worked together with FBK Trento and the TAUS in-house NLP team to make sure they are all-encompassing.”

With 13 videos and almost 3 hours of online training content, the Data Management Course is the biggest course on the TAUS eLearning Platform. Every training video ends with a multiple-choice quiz to test the learner’s new knowledge. Learners will receive a certificate upon completing the training modules as well as the final quiz.

“With this course, we aim to inform anyone with a background in the global language and translation industry about all the aspects of the new data-driven translation and localization approaches,” says Dace Dzeguze, Head of Operations at TAUS. “The nice thing about the course is that it’s online and self-paced. Learners can go back and forth between the course modules whenever they want.” 

The course is available on the TAUS eLearning Platform for € 250 per license. Group and academic discounts are available from 10+ licenses.


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TAUS was founded in 2005 as a think tank with a mission to automate and innovate translation. Ideas transformed into actions. TAUS has become the one-stop language data shop, established through deep knowledge of the language industry, globally sourced community talent, and in-house NLP expertise. We create and enhance language data for the training of better, human-informed AI services.

Our mission today is to empower global enterprises and their service and technology providers with data solutions that help them to communicate in all languages, faster, better, and more efficiently. For more information, visit https://www.taus.net/.

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