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by Milica Panić 26 Feb 2020
The digital age and new technologies are giving intellectual property (copyright) and data ..
by Milica Panić 7 Oct 2019
Not so long ago, I was at the airport, listening to a voice announcing the gate change. I couldn’t ..
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by Jaap van der Meer 2 Sep 2019
It appears that massive-scale machine translation is possible, if only we have access to large ..
MD Systran
by Jaap van der Meer 10 Jul 2019
Amsterdam, July 2019 – SYSTRAN and TAUS have agreed to collaborate on creating a solid supply of ..
Silicon-Valley-Summit-Blog (1)
by Milica Panić 14 May 2019
Machine Translation (MT) is a technology that has been around for decades, but it’s only in recent ..
Untitled-Project (31)
by Jaap van der Meer 14 Jan 2019
Amsterdam, January 14, 2019 - TAUS launches Matching Data: a new technique of selecting language ..
Untitled-Project (28)
by Jaap van der Meer 7 Jan 2019
In 2008, TAUS launched the Data Cloud, the first (and only) industry-shared language data ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 27 Mar 2018
Translation automation has recently experienced a major shakeup – the emergence of neural MT*. This ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 6 Dec 2017
Captains of the Translation Industry Talk About the Single Biggest Thing They've Learnt TAUS spoke ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 2 Nov 2017
 TAUS has recently staged two successful webinars on datafication (Datafication in Europe Webinar ..
by Anna Samiotou 17 Oct 2017
The availability of language and translation data sets in highly-demanded and business-oriented ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Oct 2017
With two TAUS Datafication webinars ahead (one covering Europe, the other China) in October ..