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Dynamic Quality Framework

by Dace Dzeguze 5 Mar 2020
More flexibility with the DQF plugin for SDL Trados Studio Now the DQF plugin allows Trados Studio ..
by Milica Panić 3 Mar 2020
While the whole of Europe seemed to be taken by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ..
by Dace Dzeguze 25 Feb 2020
What is quality assurance? The answer to this seemingly simple question is not that ..
by Milica Panić 7 Feb 2020
Since its launch in 2012, TAUS DQF (Dynamic Quality Framework) has gone through a few rounds of ..
by Dace Dzeguze 11 Jul 2019
There are so many interesting insights to be gathered from analyzing the translation production ..
Untitled-Project (33)-1
by Milica Panić 15 Jan 2019
The demand for post-editing of machine translation (PEMT) is growing, according to the 2018 report ..
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by Şölen Aslan 14 Jan 2019
Amsterdam, January 14, 2019 - TAUS publishes the first DQF Business Intelligence Bulletin for the ..
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by Jaap van der Meer 7 Jan 2019
Thanks to DQF In November 2011, TAUS published the foundational report for the Dynamic Quality ..
by Dace Dzeguze 13 Aug 2018
Today almost everyone seems to own some sort of an activity tracker which counts the steps taken, ..
by Milica Panić 8 Aug 2018
As the industry is getting closer and closer to adopting the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF) ..
by Milica Panić 16 Jul 2018
How an LSP from the Baltics uses TAUS DQF to minimize loss with more efficient and fair billing By ..
by Attila Görög 23 Jun 2017
Why standards and metrics for objective evaluation? Different companies use different metrics which ..