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Food for Thought (2)

by Jaap van der Meer 7 Jan 2020
In January 2005 we held the first TAUS Round table meeting in San Francisco. For those of you who ..
newsletter-blog (5)
by Andrew Joscelyne 9 Dec 2019
Maybe it’s time for secondary school students to learn more about what machine translation is all ..
by Şölen Aslan 13 Nov 2019
  How well did you do? BBC Newsbeat recently challenged six language students aged 18-29 to ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 1 Nov 2019
We’re entering a digital ‘translate’ era in which people and machines are learning to cooperate ..
translate-blog (1)
by Andrew Joscelyne 11 Oct 2019
Here’s a suggestion: we should adopt a new usage of the existing English lexeme “translate” as a ..
by Şölen Aslan 30 Sep 2019
30 September is being celebrated every year as International Translation Day since 24 May 2017 when ..
2020-Blog (2)
by Jaap van der Meer 18 Jun 2019
You may be looking forward to Spielberg’s new version of West Side Story or the US presidential ..
Untitled-Project (27)
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 18 Dec 2018
It was a cold and dark December evening. Tina the translator was sitting behind her desk, with her ..
Untitled-Project (26)
by Andrew Joscelyne 17 Dec 2018
In our quest for insight into the creation of unicorns in the language services sector, we spoke to ..
Untitled-Project (23)
by Andrew Joscelyne 6 Dec 2018
If we accept that scaling to a billion dollars in corporate revenue represents a major symbolic ..
Untitled-Project (22)-1
by Andrew Joscelyne 4 Dec 2018
TAUS has kicked off another series of interviews with the major players of the translation and ..
by Şölen Aslan 22 Nov 2018
For vocabulary fanatics like myself, last week was an exciting time, as the Oxford Dictionaries ..