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by Milica Panić 6 Nov 2018
We rarely think of linguistic quality when done right. Because then it is not necessarily seen as a ..
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by Andrew Joscelyne 2 Nov 2018
How closely should the translation ecosystem pay attention to the wider orbit of government action ..
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by Jaap van der Meer 30 Oct 2018
For as long as there has been a translation industry there has been severe competition, first ..
by Şölen Aslan 27 Sep 2018
As also pointed out in the TAUS Translators in the Algorithmic Age Report, the search for a better ..
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by Şölen Aslan 20 Sep 2018
Do you ever visit the kiosks at the shopping mall? Did you ever go kayaking? Do you eat yogurt? If ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 14 Sep 2018
“The language services and blockchain technology could be considered a match made in heaven,” says ..
by Nicholas Ostler 12 Sep 2018
I thank Lane for his kind remarks about our 2014 debate (see Lane Greene's blog), and in particular ..
by Lane Greene 10 Sep 2018
In 2014, I took part in a lively and enjoyable debate with an intellectual hero, Nick Ostler. Our ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 6 Sep 2018
Four years ago in June, 2014, TAUS held its Industry Leaders Forum at Clontarf outside Dublin in ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Sep 2018
Well over a decade ago, the concept of “translation out of the wall” (TOOTW) was proposed by TAUS’ ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 30 Jul 2018
Captains of the Translation Industry Talk About the Single Biggest Thing They've Learnt   TAUS ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 21 Jun 2018
TAUS recently held two webinars on how major industry players – buyers and suppliers - perceive the ..