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Change vs. Innovation

Report of the ATC Conference 2015 in Manchester by TAUS representative Luigi Muzii.

"Last year, at Localization World Dublin, many insisted that the buzzword for the next future in the industry would be ‘change.’At the ATC Conference 2015 in Manchester, almost all speakers talked about change. 

Most of them, though, seemed to confuse change with innovation. In fact, while ‘to change’ means to make/become different, to replace with another, ‘to innovate’ means to do something in a new way. So, there could be innovation without any substantial change, just like one could change also deeply without innovating."

- TAUS representative Luigi Muzii about the ATC Conference 2015. Visit his blog to read the full article.


Luigi Muzii

Since 2002, Luigi Muzii has been a business consultant for the translation and localization industry with his own firm, helping customers choose and implement best-suited technologies and redesign their business processes accordingly for the greatest effectiveness.