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by Husna Sayedi 4 Oct 2021
A machine learning algorithm uses data to learn and make decisions. The algorithm develops confidence in its decisions by understanding the underlying patterns, relationships, and structures within a ..
by Jaap van der Meer 5 Nov 2020
November 5, 2020 - Amsterdam Today, TAUS is going live with the first release of the Data ..
by María Do Campo Bayón 14 Oct 2020
Nowadays, Machine Translation (MT) is increasingly being considered as another asset in the ..
by András Aponyi 7 Sep 2020
In another article, we discussed automatic machine translation (MT) evaluation metrics such as ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Aug 2020
In this data age, we can personalize the provision of information because we are rapidly learning ..
by Milica Panić 22 Jul 2020
Automatic evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) output refers to the evaluation of translated ..
by Şölen Aslan 29 Jun 2020
2020 has been the year to bring upon the world the age of transformation and change. The core ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 3 Jun 2020
We look back on the corona crisis of well over a year ago and happily conclude that it was not as ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 20 May 2020
This is the worst-case scenario. Unemployment rates in the USA exceed 35%, and all western ..
by Andrew Joscelyne 8 May 2020
The language technology innovator and service provider Tilde has developed considerable expertise ..
by Jaap van der Meer 7 May 2020
The 2020 corona crisis has left its scars on the translation industry even though the recession ..
by Milica Panić 6 May 2020
Machine translation (MT) technology has been around for seven decades now. It is praised for its ..
by Jaap van der Meer 29 Apr 2020
The corona crisis is having a deep impact on the minds of the people who together constitute the ..