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by Jaap van der Meer 6 Apr 2020
Bit by bit, we are cracking the human language code. It’s happening fast and it marks a new ..
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by Dace Dzeguze 1 May 2019
Japan in springtime is a truly magical place. Every year thousands of visitors come to Japan to ..
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by Anne-Maj van der Meer 13 Dec 2018
With the first ever TAUS event taking place in 2005, we’ve now totaled over 25 cities worldwide, ..
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by Şölen Aslan 1 Nov 2018
The TAUS Data Summit 2018 hosted by Amazon in Seattle, brought owners and producers of language ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 17 Aug 2018
In March 2013, TAUS organized their first Translation Quality Evaluation (QE) Summit in Dublin, ..
by Lilico Hara 11 Jun 2018
TAUS Executive Forum in Tokyo was held in May 16-17, 2018, hosted by Oracle Japan. Most of the ..
by Şölen Aslan 17 May 2018
Discussions around how the robots will take over and human interaction will be replaced by bot ..
by Wendy Wong 7 May 2018
TAUS Asia Conference returned to Beijing in March, and welcomed business leaders and academics from ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 3 Apr 2018
 On 22-23 March, 2018, part of the TAUS team was in Beijing for the TAUS Asia Conference. It was ..
by Mark Seligman 12 Feb 2018
The TAUS Asia Conference in Beijing on March 22-23 is shaping up as exciting. Here’s a sneak ..
by Dace Dzeguze 8 Feb 2018
“Find two Latvians, they’ll form three political parties”, goes a saying about the Latvian tendency ..
by Anne-Maj van der Meer 11 Sep 2017
5 ways to optimize your conference experience Many of us go to industry events to meet new people, ..